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Week Ending MAY 13, 2017

High Handicap Game of the Week

Shining Stars

BROOKS EAGLE 218                     TARA VIDAL 213

 Oviedo Strikers

CAMERON EAGLE 258                     SAVANNA EAGLE 244

                                                                        Radical Rollers

JACOB DALEANDRO 278                     EMMA MIKSA 276


 High Handicap Series of the Week

Shining Stars

BROOKS EAGLE 424                              TARA VIDAL 414

Oviedo Strikers

                  CAMERON EAGLE 692                     SAVANNA EAGLE 682 

 Radical Rollers

                                               TAYLOR TIEDGE 739                   EMMA MIKSA 752                                                   

   Junior Gold

High Scratch Game of the Week 4/26/17

EVAN KORN 238                     KATELYN JONES 224             

High Scratch Series of the Week 4/12617

EVAN KORN 582                     KATELYN JONES 619

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Shining Stars

Oviedo Strikers

Radical Rollers

Junior Gold

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